Italian-American Citizen's Club

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 00:00

Members Letter April 2015

Letter from the President                                          April 2015


La Lettera Dear Friends,

As I write this Month’s letter, it seems that Mother Nature is having an internal crisis. A look at the calendar will tell you it’s spring, but as I write, it is snowing! Winter does not want to let go - enough already.

Sunday is Easter, one of my favorite holidays, when we get together with family and friends to celebrate with good food, good wine and all the traditional Easter goodies. My favorite is the Easter meat pie! If anyone out there thinks they make the best Easter pie call me so I can stop by and try a slice!

On behalf of the executive board and myself, we wish you all A HAPPY EASTER. “Auguri di buona Pasqua”!

The wine club chaired by Mike Graziose met Saturday morning to start the distribution of our 2014 wine. I must say that this wine is in my opinion the best that the club has ever made. Congratulations to Mike Graz and the wine club for such a fantastic wine season.

Thursday April 2nd, we will be having our fundraiser poker tournament. Proceeds will go to the new patio area for outdoor furniture. Please come and support the club. Event details will be provided in La Lettera.

Elections are in June and we will soon be starting the process to “find”

candidates for open positions. This info will be in the La Lettera. Tom McGee, who is the financial secretary, will be stepping down when his term ends. Tom is now a grandfather and looks forward to spending more time with his family as he nears retirement. Tom has done an outstanding job in this very important position. If any members think they could fill this position please call or email me and I will pass your name to our nominating committee. As I always say – get involved it is your club!

The St. Joseph’s day celebration on March 19th was a huge success. We had approximately 35-40 attendees. We served pasta con sardi, pasta primavera, homemade appetizers, salad, St. Joseph’s pastries, homemade cookies and coffee. We asked people to make free will donations and we held a 50/50 raffle. We had an extremely generous crowd on hand and we made over $1,000.00 to donate to the newly formed Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf food pantry. Special thanks to Mike Ferandino, his brother Blaise and cousin Ross. Special thanks to Mike Graz for making the pasta primavera and to Betty Quartuccio for the beautiful salad tray. All had a great time and we helped a worthy cause.

I recently had to contact the state to try to get a copy of the club’s certificate of incorporation. We could not find it at the club, and because we incorporated so long ago we used a document search service to locate a copy. I received the copy of our original certificate of incorporation that dates back to 1932.

As I read over the document I was filled with a sense of pride with the purpose and reasons for incorporating as follows:

1.      To promote and encourage a greater interest in local government.

2.      To unite the people of Italian extraction in our community for an exchange of ideas; civic, social and political.

3.      To inform the people of events and conditions pertaining to the welfare of the township.

4.      To provide advice and information on all matters of interest to the Italian taxpayers and residents.

5.      To serve as a connecting link between the people of Italian extraction and our town, county and state governments.

This was the mission of the first 10 board of directors of the Italian American Club in September of 1932. I am humbled by the vision that these men carried forth for our club. These 10 men who signed our articles of incorporation were:

George Di Martino, Michael Silvestri, Carmine Marotti, Robert A. Lizza,

Enrico Lizza, Frank Zimardo, Anthony Cirelli, Frank Russello,

Joseph Cassano, Eugene Varriccho

May we continue their vision into the future and be proud of their humble beginnings that have molded our club into what it is today. Our thanks to these 10 directors and all our past members for forming the Italian American Citizens Club of Oyster Bay.

Mi auguro che tu e la tua famiglia abbiate trascorso una buona pasqua.

See you at the club.



Joe Q